, founded in 2001 and based in the Netherlands, is a leading developer and trader of premium domain names and websites. Owner of a large network of highly targeted websites is also an online marketing company, advising its clients on what domain name(s) to use or to purchase and how to optimise search engines (SEO). In short we advise our clients how to get the maximum from being online. is the owner of thousands of high quality, commercial keyword domain names, or descriptive domain names, to fit your marketing needs.

As a rule, premium domain names are short, easy to remember, and directly related to your business. They are excellent marketing investments, some having been sold for more than USD 1,000,000 ( (

A selection of domain names originally owned and sold by InformationStart..

DIRECT NAVIGATION: FIND, NOT SEARCH specialises in Direct Navigation. Direct Navigation enables you to bypass search engines. Typing a search term as an URL in your address bar, leads to a site specifically designed for that topic. 

For example: you could use a search engine to find a hotel in Qatar, but typing the URL in the address bar of your internet browser is a more direct way of finding what you are looking for.


If the price of a domain exceeds your budget, you could consider leasing one of our domains. Leasing rates start from 10 USD per month, depending on the selling price. The leasing rate is agreed to in advance and the client who is leasing a domain has an option to purchase the domain name at any time. A portion of the lease payments are used as credit towards the purchase price. The lease fees can be paid monthly, quarterly or yearly. We offer discounts of up to 15% when you pay annually in advance. The leasing agreement will give you the exclusive rights to the domain name over the period agreed in advance. For more information about domain name leasing, please contact us.


Our network of international websites enables us to promote your company in a unique way. We can for instance promote a hotel in Doha (the capital of Qatar) on, but also on and, making optimum use of the different searching methods people use.

We own multiple domain names that lead to the same website. HotelsinQatar.NET leads to the and is a sister website of


Hotels have become very dependent of booking sites where high commission costs are being charged. We own a large network of hotel websites allowing hotel owners to get direct bookings through their own websites. Our network of hotel websites has names which are easy to remember, like

Hotel owners can get fixed prices, commission-free, with direct links to the hotel websites encouraging visitors to book the hotel directly. We also show other contact details of the hotel, allowing guests to call or send a fax.